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Personal Coaching

Live the Rich Passionate Loving Hot Life You Deserve

you’ll discover your

True Authentic Self

you’ll learn how to honor
all the parts of you with a

Feminine Embodiment

you’ll empower yourself to

Have It All

Mind Your Life Coaching

What’s Different About Us?

When you rediscover your True Self, you connect with your Core Values, and you become the limitless Woman you are. We get to let go of all the programing we received since birth to make space for the upgraded natural real version of us. We are powerful when we remember who we are. Its your calling, and it is your choice! Get Clear, Make Room, and Decide how Rich Passionate Loving Connected and Hot you want to be.

“I found myself and I remembered who I was. Working with Lorena I was able to trust my gifts and talents. I feel rich, sexy, loving, and connected. Life is Fun again!”

“I learn to express myself unapologetic. I am carefree and I feel liberated after spending time with Lorena. I know she got me, and I learn to get me too. The best tool… What would my BFF do?!? LOL”


Follow these steps

Get Clear about your Vision and Actions

Clean up anything that gets on the way – Mental and Emotional Release

Level Up every Area of Life. You set the Rules

what’s included

All Clients Can Expect the Following:


One to One Coaching Packages

Situational Sessions
Empowerment Consciousness
Group Sessions available for tracking, accountability, discipline and consistency practice.
Video Resources
Reading Material
Pre and Pos Calibration Meetings
Breakdown to Breakthrough Session

about the founder

My name is Lorena and I grew up in Argentina.

At age 23, I realized that there was a lot more to enjoy beyond the boundaries of my Small town in Buenos Aires. This dream lead me to California, which I now call home. After devastating life experiences, I decided to re-discover who I was, re-define my character and my life.