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about the founder

My name is Lorena and I grew up in Argentina.

At age 23, I realized that there was a lot more to enjoy beyond the boundaries of my Small town in Buenos Aires. This dream lead me to California, which I now call home. After devastating life experiences, I decided to re-discover who I was, re-define my character and my life.

I became an empowerment coach and started to integrate all levels of my life and my existence. I expanded beyond what I ever thought possible for this third world country girl, and since I gave myself permission to be my authentic Self I level up to my desired life. I chose my vision and I breath life into it. Today, I enjoy a rewarding career, a rich family life, a sexy relationship, a powerful coaching business, and 4 beautiful kids that keep life entraining. This season is not longer about me, it became a season about you; about my family, about my friends, and about my community. I would love for you to see that it is possible to honor your desires and co-create them into reality. You choose! If you can picture it in your mind, feel it in your heart, and speak it, it is a matter of when, not if. It it done! I can show you what worked for me and you decide what best fits you. You decide.